Mind maps are a visual way to organize information around a specific topic. Tony Buzan, a popular english psychology author, has made mind maps popular the last years, but mind maps were also used in the long past.

Today, you will learn how to use mind maps through a free software application called free mind map.

You can download this program from here.

After downloading, lets learn how to use this program, it is quite easy to learn the basics.

We will make a simple example, and our project is to create a new business.

Click file new and create a new file.

Cick file/save as new business. mind maps

Now our project is ready to be created.

Click the circle in the center so you can edit the text, and write 'NEW BUSINESS'.

Having clicked ctrl button on your keyboard, simultaneously scroll your mouse middle wheel, so you can increase or decrease the overall size of working area.

Now, we are going to insert a new node. Choose the circle by just clicking on it and just click insert button of your keyboard(the easy way), or click insert/new child node. You will see a new child node on the right side of your main idea.

Write down on this node, 'LESS THAN 5000 EUROS'.

Now, click again the middle circle to choose it again and click insert button. You will see a new child node on the left side the main idea.
Lets describe this node as OPERATE FROM HOME.

So, as you see, we have our main idea which is the creation of a new business, business must start with a capital of under 5000 euros, and business should be operated from home.

The idea is that by staring at your mind map, new ideas will flow in your mind and you just write these ideas down in your mind map project.

Click center circle again, click insert and we have a new child node on your right side.
That means that our new business must be able to be easily expanded and create better results.

Click circle again, click insert and write EXPERTISE KNOWLEDGE.
That means that in order to operate our new business, we should acquire special knowledge at first.

If you came until here congratulations. You did the job the hard way. Now that you know how to do it the hard way, you will learn how to do it the easy way, that will save you lots of time!

Click the second right node that says EASILY EXPANDED. Now just click your keyboard ENTER button and you will have a new child node just below.

Do not write anything just click again to confirm its emptiness and click again.

Create at least 5 empty nodes.

Leave the nodes empty, and then with your mouse click EXPERTISE KNOWLEDGE from the left side.

Do the same thing on this side, click enter and create new nodes below, at least 5 nodes.

Your image now will look like this.

mind maps

Now click any empty node from right side and write START BEFORE MAY 20.

Click an empty node from left side and write GET ALLIES. You see, you will start your business alone, but if you want to advance yourself, and reach higher and higher targets, you should have other people on your side. People that will also prosper with your success.

You can't do it all alone, it is impossible!

Great, now we have 3 nodes on our left side and 3 nodes on our right side of the CREATE A NEW BUSINESS project. Let's make this thing beautiful now. We have many empty nodes, so now we are going to delete them. Just click on empty node and then delete button on your keyboard, or right click your mouse and choose remove node. If you delete them using the delete button, you can delete all empty nodes down the one you have chosen, without having to choose them again, so you save lots of time.

Do not forget to save your work every now and then.

Choose the circle and click format/node color and choose blue. Then choose format/node background color and choose yellow.

Lets make specific nodes bigger or smaller now, first click the node and then push CTRL from keyboard and at the same time click = button as many times you like. To make it smaller push CTRL but this time - button and it will become smaller. Work on different nodes with the size you want for each one, according to your own style.

Choose format/bubble so this thing will get more nicer.

Choose format/edge styles and choose sharp Bezier. This is what I like and I guess the most beautiful style. Make the color purple by clicking format/edge color and choose purple or any color your like.

Choose format/widths and choose number 4.

Starting to look more beautiful now.

Your project should look like this now or at least similar.

mind maps

Lets play more with color and sizes. By clicking any node, we can change font color, size, and background color. The idea is to create a nice project and looking at something nice, so ideas will flow more easily, as the project is a combination of nice graphics and nice ideas flowing.

Choose LESS THAN 5,000 euros and make it green by choosing format node color. Increase the size with CTRL and clicking = button at the same time. Now change the background of this node by choosing format/node background color and choose yellow.

Do the same with all the other nodes, change the size, font and background color.

You will have something like this.

mind maps

Now lets learn how to move any node, place your mouse in the beginning of the node where the left side is and you will see a cross outside a small circle. Once you see this, move the node in the direction you want but better just live it as close as possible as we are going to create other child nodes.

Now for every node, we are going to create two more nodes, thus we already have 6 nodes, and now we will get 12 nodes. Just choose the first right node, LESS THAN 5,000 and click insert and then enter (2 times) buttons of your keyboard.

Ok, now we will expand our main ideas to more child ideas.

Starting with the first node, LESS THAN 5,000 euros lets add the way on how to get this staring capital. At the first child node write:
1)Working more hours, and this time write with small letters not capital.

At the second node write:
Sell my old car. Since we need the money, and you have already bought another car, now its time to sell your old car and fund your new business.

Create also 2 child nodes for EASILY EXPANDED with the same method described above and write:
1) Devote time even in weekends for first child. 2) keeping everything organized, for second one.

Create 2 child nodes for START BEFORE MAY 20, and fill:

1) Prepare my website before end of April.
2)No social networks (or whatever takes your time) more than 30 minutes per day, so you can use the remaining time to prepare your new business.

Now lets work on left side.

Create 2 child nodes for OPERATE FROM HOME, and fill:
1) Create a website
2) Sell hard to find items.

So we have already made our mind that our new business involves selling hard to find items from a website.


1)Learning from youtube.
2) Studying other similar businesses.

1)People that want also to sell hard to find items
2) Someone who is good at making websites

We can get allies with some people who has a stock of hard to sell items, but he does not have a way to sell them. Our other ally is someone who can make websites so he can make our website for free and share the profits.

Well, your map should look something like this now.
mind maps
You can now change node and background colors for each node according to your own taste, but before make each of the 6 main child nodes bold by choosing the node and pressing bold.

mind maps

If there is not enough space, your CTRL button and scroll your mouse backwards to make the page smaller. You can also move the parent, or child nodes around to make your project look symmetrical.

After editing colors and sizes, your final project should look something like this.

mind maps

The nice thing about this program is that you can edit it at anytime. You can add or remove a description and make it as personal as possible.

In the end, export your project from file/export and choose PNG.

You can put it as a background in your telephone, store it where you want, printing it, etc.

The idea is to work on it.

Now you know how to create a project with Free Mind Map software, go on and create another one for yourself. You can create any kind of project, for business, personal, hobby, etc.

Your partner in motivating you to your entrepreneur journey!

Fanos Theo

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