Irina in cyprus Irina in cyprus Irina in cyprus Irina in cyprus

Hello Irina, nice to have you here.

What is the name of your blog?

My blog's name is: so if you can't read Russian get ready your google translator.

When did you start your blog?

I started my blog about 2 years ago.

What was the idea behind this blog? Did you start this because you love writing and posting photos of several recipes, or something else?

I have always loved cooking! I like to invent new dishes. This is my hobby. Cooking is a creative process, a fascinating that brings me pleasure .I like to share my passion with others.

Do you know HTML and CSS programming languages, or do you use another program to publish your blog?

Yes, I'm familiar with HTML and SEO. I paid for courses in the past for website creation and optimization. But that was long ago, and a lot has changed during that time. Now I need to learn again as website creation and optimization is an ongoing process. Everything is changing rapidly, so you need to learn new techniques. But to be honest, I am not that interested at the technical side as I am a creative person.

How many subscribers do you have?

I have almost 1,000 subscribers.

From which countries are your visitors?

I have visitors from all over the world, from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Japan. But of course most readers are from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus since my site is in Russian language.

Do you know the average daily visitors you get, and what indicators do you use?

Yes, I know how much I have visitors every day. That's an average of about 350 unique visitors. This number is quite small. Earlier this year, I was doing website upgrading and a number of visitors has dropped. But now gradually is increasing again. To attract visitors, I use social media and SEO.

Which bloggers or people have inspired you to start this blog?

I mainly blog because I love cooking, thus If I did not love it, I would have stopped my blog long time ago!

The name of your blog "tastes great" refers to a name that is about a healthy diet. Do you mean that your recipes are all related to a healthy lifestyle; do you follow some rules with your recipes?

I try as much as possible to stick to the concept of healthy food. I have special sections - "Useful Products", "Ayurvedic recipes" and even pastries. I try to make the most useful recipes. In my dishes you will not find any preservatives, artificial colours and other chemicals that are often used in products that are sold in supermarkets.

Do you earn money from your blog?

There is only a small amount that I get from it, which I can't be call a real income. This small money just covers the cost of maintaining the site.

In which ways do you plan to make more money from your blog?

I will need to be trained in SEO, to increase traffic to the site. I need to be trained also on the new ways of earnings through a website.

Do you are currently trying other ways to make money, do you have another job or you're a freelancer?

I was always interested in ways to generate passive income. I am very much interested in this matter. I have lost and earn money in the past, and I have gained some experience. Now I have found a business opportunity that was longing for a long time. I make myself passive income and helping other people too! This is completely new project, and there is nothing like it on the market. The project is already running for 2 years and fulfils its member's dreams!

Mercury Fund has been working in more than 35 countries and more than 100,000 participants in it. Already a lot of people here have found financial success, travel the world and enjoy life. I also went travelling at the end of last year. In the near future I plan to visit Greece, as there are planning to build our tourist complex there. And if I want to live there, I hold the idea to open a cafe with Greek Kitchen!

What advice would you give to an inspired person who wants to start his / her own blog? Is it easy?

Blogging is difficult. It requires a lot of time, costs, continual training. You can't really get a lot of money through advertising. But if you're selling something - services, goods, then the earnings can be very good. This year, I even wanted to close my blog, but I kept it because I love cooking. Therefore, you should really love what you are doing. This should be a part of you. Otherwise, you will throw your project soon or later. Unfortunately, I know a lot of these stories.

Except being a blogger do you also like travelling?

Yes, I love to travel. This is another passion of mine. Why do I need passive income? I do not want to be tied to a 9 to 5 work, boss around, etc. I just want to be able to travel when I want and how I want. I like to meet new people, different culture, and different mentality. Of course I want to taste the different kinds of f

ood too! It's an incredible experience and a person who is not traveling, is losing a lot from his life.

In which countries have you been recently, and which one do you like the most?

The last time I was in Turkey. I like this country. I was there a few times as it has beautiful nature, nice climate, sea and a lot of monuments, plus nice architecture. Also I like the food there! The problem is that I get a lot of calories, so then I have to spend time in the gym. Haha!

In which country would you like mainly the food?

I like the Mediterranean kitchen, in particular - Greek one! Greek cuisine has lots of seafood, vegetables, fruits and it is useful, easy, and very delicious.

Did you make some good friendly relationship, or even through your blog?

Yes, I have made many friends through my blog from different countries. I have several times been invited to participate in cooking shows on Ukrainian television. But I do not like the show, so I refused. Belarusian Journal published my recipes, and even I got a small fee. I feel really good when people write to me and say ' thank you '! They prepare my meals and are thrilled with them. This inspires me even more. It is very nice!

If you had to go to the desert for one month, which is five things or persons would you take with you?

I would take my son because he's a real man, and I feel safe with him! But, a month in the desert I can't even imagine. I was there in Egypt, and it's very hot, more than 50 C and no place to hide! It seems that you will melt!

Thank you dear Irina for your answers! They will help other bloggers get inspired!


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