After reading many books about the subject, I felt that I need to write the truth about dating beautiful women.

You will almost read in any book that your looks, financial status, owning a flashy car or not, etc., is not important for your success in dating a beautiful woman.

There is a reason for this.

How many guys out there are rich, and how many guys are not? If a writer wants to sell his book on the subject, definitely he would like to sell as many copies as possible, so he gives a hope to the poor guys who are much bigger in number than the rich ones.

I really felt tired of reading those crabs over and over again, and felt that I have to put my words in the subject.

Let's take things from the beginning, from the time a young nice looking girl was about 3 - 4 years of age. If you had a younger sister, or a friend, relative, etc., you would have noticed how the young girl is attached to her games, let's assume to her dolls or her teddy bear, or even her small red ball!

It does not really matter what, as long as the young girl grasps something in her hands, this something becomes a part of her whole being, at least this is the illusion she has. Try to get her toy and you will hear her screaming and crying for the next minutes, even hours!

Here, you must to pay attention to the fact that the young girl does not scream because the toy has so much value, it could be of any price; but she screams because she believes is a part of her personality, and without it, she can' t live! In other words she values her own things to death!

The young girl soon or later she will become 12, 14, 15, years old, and she will not cry for such small toys anymore. She is a teenager now, and other things are important to her. Don't you think is time for her to look for new toys?

You see, she is a nice looking young woman, and now instead to have such toys as a Barbie doll, she is the Barbie doll herself! At least this is what she thinks or feels about herself!

Imagine that you are this Barbie doll for one day. You have the admiration of men, and even women in every place you go. You get admiration glances in your way to school, when you buy something from the shop, when you play sports, but especially when you go out with your girlfriends and you are dressed with your best clothes!

It seems that every man is staring to this nice looking girl with admiration, and his glance says "Come with me and I will give you anything you want!" You see, the pretty girl knows that she can get anything she wants from the man, as long as this man can offer her what she wants!

Why should she exchange herself and her natural beauty with something below her expectations?

Unfortunately, and even you want to admit it or not, we are not living in a romantic world, where love is superior to material things and power. This young pretty girl knows that soon or later, she can meet a nice young man, who has the looks and money as well. Why should she go for a poor one?

I can't say to you that it is impossible to have a relation with a really nice looking woman if you are not a wealthy guy, but it is quite difficult for the simple reason that you can't fill her needs!

Some of her needs are: Dressing with nice and expensive clothes, buying brand cosmetics and taking care of her face and skin, going out for lunch or dinner in nice restaurants quite often, spending a weekend in a luxury hotel, going to a European city just for a couple of days, owning a nice car according to her taste, etc.

Do you need I go further about her needs?

Well, how about acquiring some property, a nice apartment that that she will go and relax when she is not that busy! Who is going to buy for her if she has a normal salary that even she works for the next 20 years and saves a lot, she can' t really buy it easily! Can you really blame her?

Let's assume this gorgeous girl that you met in a night club, gave you her number and after talking in the telephone for some time, she agreed to go out with you.

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Assuming that you are jobless, or have a job with a low income, and you struggle to pay your rent, your bills, maybe you have a loan to pay in the bank bank, where can you take this girl out?

Are you thinking about Mcdonalds where you will pay only $2 for a coffee or a cheeseburger? Is there a chance to see her again after a Mcdonalds evening? I don' t have anything against Mcdonalds, I enjoy their food and their milkshakes a lot every time I go there, but try to get a nice looking woman in your first date in a fast food store, and it is like you give her a signal to disappear from your life as soon as possible!

Or, do you plan to invite her straight in your house, to prepare a dinner for her? Invite her and wait to get her answer, which will be, I am sorry, I don't know you a lot to trust you and come into your place. In fact, probably after that you will never hear from her again!

What did she really meant with the words "I don't know you enough to trust you ", have you ever thought about it? She will definitely never tell you of course, but inside her she is curious to go out with you and see how deep your pocket is, something that she will never admit of course and this is for you to know and keep your mouth closed, never dare to reveal this to her!

But come on, women are not like prostitutes, they do not exchange themselves for money, they are just looking for love and affection, even with a poor guy.

Yes, you are right, but this applies to women who do not have a stunning beauty, and get attention from men in every step they do! It is a big difference to be an average looking woman, and a woman with a stunning looks! In fact, a big number of average looking women think and behave like a gorgeous woman, and many men fall for them!

How can they do that? Because they have the right mindset and know how to play with the psychology of the man! In other words, because many men are weaker than those women and agree to follow their rules!

I had women myself which I met just for 5 - 10 minutes, asking me if I own a house or not! Yes, I could never believe that a woman can ask that, until it happened to me in several cases!

Surely, these were not western women, they were from Russia, but there is a good lesson to learn from Russian, and Eastern European Women as their mind is functioning in quite similar ways, which is "the man must pay for everything and the woman will offer him her 'unconditional' love.

Think what happens when the woman in the case has a stunning beauty and every man dreams to spend time with her!

What a western woman is wondering silently, an Easter European woman will just ask! They just do not want to waste time! Tell to an Easter European woman that you are poor, you can't really support her and have a secure future with you, but you just you want to date her and see how it goes, and you will make a new enemy!

Once, a Russian woman told me this, which I can never forget: "A man without enough money that he is able to support me, has not any difference from a monkey!" And she was not even beautiful, but she was married to a poor man who was doing two jobs to support her while she was spending time with her boy of 11 from her previous Russian husband!

Well, do you want to be in the place of her husband? I wouldn't even if she was the last woman on earth with such mentality she carries on. But you see there are still millions of women who think exactly like her!

Come on, what is the big deal? Can't they just have a good time with a poor man?

Well, definitely having a good time for you, it is totally different as having a good time for them! Simple!

If you were also a Barbie girl yourself, you would understand better what I mean, but you are a man, and I am a man too, and we see things from our perspective not theirs.

For them, there is no such thing as just having a good time with a stranger. For them is a matter of survival and boosting their ego! What is an ego boost? According to the dictionary, an ego boost is something such as praise, success, etc., that makes one feel better about oneself or raises one's morale!

So, let's assume that a woman with a stunning looks has to choose between these two options, to sleep with a guy just to pass her time and feel sexual pleasure only for once or even several times, or to meet a nice wealthy guy that he will be able to fulfil all, or the most of her needs?

Which guy do you think she would choose? In fact this applies to almost all women, not only to the gorgeous ones! The difference is that average or not nice looking woman does not have the comfort to be demanding from men, as nobody really is interested about her, and gorgeous ones have men kneeling down and begging them to be with them, granting them all their wishes, and many of these men are wealthy!

Can you really blame them that they always end up with rich guys? In fact, if you ask a Barbie looks woman who is married or has a serious relation with a wealthy guy, which are the things that attracted her to him in the first place, you will never hear her say ' his deep pockets! '

Why? Because this would destroy her reputation of course! She would say that money is not important for her, she could be with him even if he was penniless, and all the usual crabs that women say after they get together with a millionaire guy!

In fact, in a way she wants to believe that, just she does not want to admit that if the same guy that flirted her in the first place and now is her husband, was not wealthy but someone that was doing a low paid job without any good future, then she would not really want to see him for a second time in her life!

But you see, everybody likes successful people, being a man or a woman. Why a beautiful woman should be interested to get involved with a failure guy in the first place? A nice looking woman surely would like to meet a successful footballer, a successful lawyer, a successful business owner, etc. It does not matter what kind of job the man is doing, as long as he is successful, then he can demand from her to be a part of his life! I give you my beauty you must be able to fulfil my needs!

Why instead of trying to convince great looking women to be with you, and you are not really able to meet her needs, just try to progress yourself, and your financial situation? Maybe starting your own business, feel more confident, feel more in peace with yourself, start to work out in a gym?

You see, even you become much older, women will want to be around you like a bee wants to be near flowers, but you have to prove them first that you deserve them, and you know which is the sure way for a woman's heart, to be able to fulfil her needs!

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