It is the dream of thousands of people to be able to work from internet and earn a steady income. The no. 1 rule though for this to become a reality is: "If you want to be able to become a popular website owner, and have thousands of people visiting your site, you should not think about any amount of income! You should do it for free, for pleasure, because you enjoy what you do, and you will do the same for the years to come!" In this way the content of your website will get richer, with better quality, and attract more visitors as the time passes by.

I am not a popular website owner, well let's define the word popular at first. In my opinion someone has a popular website when he gets at least 800 - 1000 visitors per day. If you get just a few dozens, then you are not that popular, and there is something missing out from your website.

But who I am to tell you how to make a popular website? Do I have any popular websites with thousands of visitors per day? Not at all! But you see, I do my experiments and try to get there for the last 12 years! So, here you will learn from my own experiences, trials, errors, efforts, and cut a long way shorter to your goal. The most important is that I do not have the idea of being able to support myself from this, as if I did, I would not be able to buy even the basic food for the last years that I am into this website designing and content making. You see, I do it for pleasure, and if success comes, it will be more than welcomed. But you should not expect miracles, especially overnight.

Let me be your guide to my journey of website designing by telling you about my past projects from the very beginning.

My first domain name registration was the name: FRAPEDAKI.COM, back in April 2002.

My intention was to make a website with jokes, funny stories, etc., so many people would visit, and also place their own adverts, and get many visitors myself. I was not that good in web design by that time, I was using MS FRONTPAGE and the visual result was not that good, so I had never succeeded, nor have I renewed that domain again.

My second domain registration was the domain: ONLINE-FORTUNE.COM, back in August 2002.

Believe me; I do not really remember in details what my plan was with this website. I had a money making idea in my head, but never came into reality by making a working website, as I don't remember now why I have registered that domain in the first place!

My third registration was with the domain: PCCYPRUS.COM, back in November 2003.

My intention was to make a website selling computer systems online. Having ready my adverts, with low prices, and get orders by check or bank transfer so I could deliver the products. That was the first time that I had renewed a domain that I bought for the next year! How many computer systems have I sold? Just a few, but it was worth the effort as I did what amazon does in a big scale! You see, I sold only a few computer systems, and I could sell much more if I was advertising with a budget and really put a lot of energy on this. But the competition of selling computers was so big, and my profit would be the minimum, so I decided to cancel this project.

My fourth registration was with the domain: IZIDOUBLE.COM back in October 2005.

I had already entered the world of casinos! I realized that just having a static website was not that exciting anymore, and I needed to create a game website, a casino game that people could earn money! That was the big time of HYIPs (high-yield investment program), and the company was the most popular website for money transfers at that time, all being anonymous though, just by separating each account owner by a number!

E-gold had about 5 millions of users on their peak days, so I have thought of creating a game that player could double his money easily. When player issued a payment with e-gold, a random number (8 digits or more, I don't remember now), was issued, so if the player could predict correctly the last digit of the long number, he could win an amount. He could cover 1,2,3 and even more numbers, so his chances were increasing as he put more money down to cover more numbers.

That was a success, and I had regular players, so I made an update of this game at February 2006, with the domain:

Needless to say that I knew nothing about programming dynamic websites, so I hired programmers to create these games for me. My programmers were from Vietnam, and they could do the job for the minimum payment.

I paid them to create my first casino game, izidouble, and later, the update of the first one but with more advanced concept. I was paying them by e-gold transfers too, and the winners of my casino games were paid by automatic transfer from my e-gold account. Everything was already programmed, and I could have many visitors to my latest casino game website, BETNRICH.COM.

My plan was to let players win small amounts, and in this way I could earn money from ad displays. My visitor's number was increasing rapidly each day. People were speaking about my brand game in forums.

But you see, external factors that you can never really predict, destroyed everything in a matter of minutes, and I will explain you how in a second!

I had a player who could win all the time! He could predict the outcome of the last digit of e-gold randomly generated 8 digits receipt number, and all the money I had in my e-gold account was going to his account. I don't know how he managed to do it, obviously he had great hacking skills, and he knew a lot more than me about programming and hacking, so for him was a piece of cake to win always. All I could say that his IP ADDRESS showed that he was from Brazil, but who really knows?

So, I had to make an update for my game, in this way he could not take all the money away from my account, as it was impossible that he would not win every time he played. I found out a patch for this, and was ready to implement in the game's code. I contacted my developers from Vietnam, and told them about the fix, we agreed the small price, something like $35 if I remember well, and that was the beginning of my end!

I was keeping two e-gold accounts, the one that I used to have my bigger amount of cash, and at that time was about $1600, and the other one which it was connected to the game, so it could make automatic payments to the winners. I had only a small sum of money in the second account, so in case of hacking or anything else, like it happened with that Brazilian hacker, they could only take a small amount.

But as long as the second account was zero, because that Brazilian hacker took all my cash, I was obliged to do the payment from my first account, with the big money. I tried to make the payment to the Vietnam guys, and for my great surprised, I saw the message that this account had insufficient cash! Last time I checked had about $1600 in it, how was that possible? I went immediately to history of the account, and saw that the previous MINUTE, someone made a transfer of the whole amount to another e-gold number!

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Oh MY God!!! In a matter of minutes I had lost the money of my main account, and I could do nothing about it! Telephone of e-gold headquarters was only an answering machine! Everything in e-gold was anonymous, and as the message from e-gold email support was mentioning, I had to file a court order through a lawyer, and they would examine the case in about a month's time! It was obvious that the hacker would take out from e-gold system the cash next days, through western union, or debit card that could support e-gold withdrawals.

The hacker managed to hack my e-mail password, and my e-gold password. I was using internet explorer by that time, hacker's heavenly browser! The hacker was waiting for me to log in my email and he was quicker than me in taking the money out of my account! Great skills, but these guys cannot go that far as soon or later they will make the wrong move, and hopefully will end up in jail where they belong with their fellow criminals, thieves, killers, drug dealers, etc.

If he was just following the 8th command of the 10 commandments that says: "Thou shalt not steal", maybe things would be different today, but maybe another hacker would do the job. You see, when there is a hole in the system, someone would take advantage of this soon or later. It is a matter of time.

I could not sleep that night, and I realized how e-gold system was supporting hackers to do their job with pride! First thing came to my mind was that the Brazilian hacker and my Vietnam developers were the same people, or just the same person! I wrote an e-mail to the Vietnam programmer, telling him what happened, and threatening that he will go in jail, etc. He did not have even a telephone number on his website, and surely, his programming and hacking skills were enough to make him play the innocent and tell me that he has nothing to do with that. Who knows!

After all, I have realized that I have no control over hackers, and I could not trust e-gold anymore, so I decided not to get involved in casino games from then on.

I was quiet for some time, and then in the beginning of 2009 I came up with two new domains: SELLNRICH.COM, and BUYNSELLCYPRUS.COM

The idea for the first one was to sell a medical product through affiliates that would earn them a high commission. The second one was about buying and selling properties in Cyprus, following the success of a popular website in Cyprus with the name BUYSELLCYPRUS.COM. I never really created any website under this domain, and I have never renewed it since.

Same happened with my domain name SELLNRICH.COM, except from the fact that I have renewed it for a second year.

In June of 2009, I have registered the name LASERSTRONG.COM.

It is about a unique laser device that can treat male impotence. That was actually the device that I was going to promote through affiliates with my previous domain, SELLNRICH.COM. I have decided to create a new website, a new domain, hired a graphics designer that was a close friend by that time, and LASERSTRONG.COM went live. The nicest thing about this domain is that I have never really placed any online adverts, and still I got orders for this device through PAYPAL, and bank transfers! The only effort I had put was to participate in a forum about male impotence just one time, and put the web link there, that's all! If I was putting a budget for advertising, and made proper promotion of that site, sales would be much higher of course.

I have noticed that people would order through PAYPAL, as it is a trusted company used by millions. Later on I will tell you how PAYPAL destroyed my business, and orders stop coming because of PAYPAL wrong way of dealing with sellers.

End of August of 2009, I have registered the domain name: LITHOCYPRUS.COM.

This is a website that promotes properties for sale or rent, and I still keep that domain, as it is constantly making me money. You see, soon or later you will end up with the websites that make you a profit, it can take some time though, but when you do, you keep that business going on!

Next year in September of 2010, I have registered the domain name: JELLYPOWER.COM.

That was the time that many medicines that could treat male impotence, were also available with a good taste in jelly form. You could find these jellies everywhere, even in kiosks. Surely, you need a doctor's prescription to buy those kinds of medicines, and that was the reason where I have destroyed my co-operation with paypal, read below why.

I have ordered a couple of hundreds of pieces of these jellies, from an Indian supplier, who would never accept Paypal payment, and I was wondering why. As soon as I had received the jellies, I started to prepare my next project of selling those jellies, under the domain

Everything was ready; just I had to include the payment buttons so client could finish the purchase with the number of jellies he would like to order. Without thinking too much and without reading PAYPAL products policy that you can't sell, I placed their buttons into my website without realizing that this would be the end for me and PAYPAL being a team!

After some weeks, yes it took some time, without even a single sale, PAYPAL blocked my account, or LIMITED it, in their terms because I had already violated their golden rules! Everything would be more than perfect if one person of their email support would kindly tell me that I am not allowed to sell this kind of stuff through paypal. Instead, I had received a cold email from them, that I am banned forever from PAYPAL, and I could never buy anything from another seller as well! What a nice way to treat people who just made a mistake. Yes, I have made a mistake from having their sales buttons selling these jellies, but I am a human being, and surely I did not know that this was not allowed. If they told me that it is not allowed, I would have never done that again, but they would never listen.

This is when I have realized that dictators exist also in the internet not only in some countries. Even after phone calls to their offices in Ireland, with more than 7 - 8 email attempts to restore my account, until today I can' use PAYPAL, not only to sell anything, but to buy anything from anyone! In other words, I am blocked for a life time to use PAYPAL, because I have made a crime! How could a human being violate the rules of PAYPAL and sell jellies that could help men have a better sex life?

Surely, I have violated their rules, but simply, they had never asked me if I were a licenced pharmaceutical company or not, they have just blocked me, and they blocked me for a lifetime as a buyer as well! How could I ever buy anything from e-bay? In fact, I saw someone selling the same jellies in e-bay, but he was using another name, so he was accepting paypal orders as well. The thing is that PAYPAL does not listen, and it is sad that so many people depend on them.

Later on I have discovered that PAYPAL sucks in the way that they deal with sellers, but this is another story, and it is outside of the scope of this article.

Paypal limitation destroyed my business for selling the medical device in LASERSTRONG.COM as I could not accept any more orders with them.

I could use another credit card payment system to accept payments there, but I did not, as I have decided that I better sell this site, as I do not have the time and energy to make it grow. Someone else can do it better than me, as I was into other projects.

In December 2011, I have registered the name: BIGMONEYTUBE.COM

Initially, I have used this domain to promote an ebook I have written about selling properties as a realtor, through CLICKBANK. Sales were very poor since the very beginning, but the good thing is that I noticed that this domain gets some organic visitors without of doing any promotion! What if I cancel the ebook advert, and create a website about money making and motivation? The result is what you see right now!

In end of August 2012, I have registered the name: DARDYDEALS.COM

If you look in urban dictionary, dardy means cool or coolest, but who really cares about it? The idea was to have different interesting stories and promote clickbank and other affiliates products. I saw that the idea was not really promising and I have dropped the project.

In December of 2013, I have registered the name: CLICKREADLEARN.COM

The concept is similar to the one I had for dardydeals, but for the time being the project is in a neutral stage. When the right time comes, it will take the way. Everything will happen at the right time!

In July of 2014, I have registered the domain name: CRACKFOREX.COM

It is an advert about making money as a forex trader. Yes, you guessed it right. I am a financial markets trader, and in particular, forex trader. I have been studying the markets since 2001!

You have read about all my domain names registrations and below you will read what I have learned about each one.

I think I just wanted to own a domain name. Nothing really came out of it.

I wanted to create a funny site that would attract many visitors who will place their ads for free.

11/25/2003 PCCYPRUS.COM
I created a website selling computer systems. I just sold a few pieces, but was nice the feeling of getting orders from strangers and sending in packages.

10/14/2005 IZIDOUBLE.COM
My first casino game.

My casino's first game update. I have learned not to try to own a website that it can be screwed in minutes by hackers. It was a great experience even though I have lost a lot of money from hackers. Great lesson!

Do not try to copy other people's domain or business. It is not working like this. Just be unique!

Good project, nice product, helping men who suffer from impotence. Poor sales cause of PAYPAL account limitation. This site is for sale now!

Nice project, promoting properties for sale or rent. It is going on till today!

Do not just try to have affiliates selling your products, sell yourself first.

My first experience selling an ebook with CLICKBANK. Clickbank is a good company, very organized.

Simply put PAYPAL can have a human checking the sales button of sellers before placing in websites, and accepting or rejecting the buttons accordingly, explaining the reasons why if rejection, instead of blocking them forever from their company, so they will never be able to be buyers as well for a lifetime. This is not the way to deal with people, but the way that some people deal with dogs, kicking them away and never let them to come back.

Paypal forgot that in their early stages they were begging people to use their services, and also they were giving people money to join them. When certain people get a lot of power in their hands, they can behave arrogant, superior, and without any logic.

Cool name, that's all.

Project in a neutral stage.

It is about making money in forex trading.

What I have learned in these years that I am involved in website designing is that you can never know what will happen next! You have to be flexible and ready to move forward, and do the things that will bring you the most benefit. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. There are many external factors that control the outcome, we are just humans, and we do not carry SUPER POWERS to do what we want. The point is to try though and do what makes you happy.

I never knew that companies that were handling your cash like e-gold, was getting all the attention from hackers, or scammers that could do anything they want with your account. I found out about this after I had lost all the money in my account! How many millions were lost due to HYIP (high yield investment plans) during the period e-gold was operating? How much of these millions were founded and returned to the people who have lost it?

But you see, time always works to bring justice in place! What happened to e-gold? Where is this company now? I have lost big myself, and thousands of other people suffered the same like me, innocent people who never wanted to harm anybody. E-gold operations were suspended due to legal issues since 2009!

Paypal started in 1998, to grow today in the biggest online money transfer company in the world. In their attempts though to be the greatest company, they use unethical tactics like for example the freezing of accounts of innocent account holders, blocking people of using their services forever, like they did in my case, etc. The world has never seen a biggest freezing of accounts that contain CASH, since the beginning of mankind, but now we can experience this through PAYPAL! If you are using paypal just to buy something, and you are not a seller, I am sure you will not really understand what I mean. Try to open a seller's account with them, and you will see how you feel when they freeze your account with thousands of cash inside, for no particular reason that has a logical explanation. Surely, they will behave like this as long as they are big, and have good friends in high positions in government, because there is no other explanation of their unacceptable behaviour towards clients.

Just type internet most hated companies and PAYPAL comes first in the list! Accident? The reason for this is quite simple, they do not listen so they can become better, they do not have good support, and their tactics are out of logic. I will prepare an article specifically about PAYPAL very soon, but I am afraid that the right people will not even read it! At least people who use PAYPAL will!

Surely, there are great companies out there, and CLICKBANK is one of them. CLICKBANK is always paying on time, and they are in business since many years. I never knew though, that I would have never sold enough of my ebook, the BIG MONEY SECRET, so at a later stage I created this website! Bigmoneytube is a nice domain which is attracting organic visitors without any advertising!

No, I am not a famous website owner, but I am in the game. I did not quit, and I am not going to! I have registered and created about a dozen of different websites. Am I a millionaire? Not at all! It is not easy to expect success from your first years of website content making! Surely some will succeed and become extremely popular and wealthy; the same way someone wins the jackpot of 250 million bucks!

Mark Zuckerberg has created facebook since a young age and became a billionaire! I am happy for him, and I adore his success, but how many Zuckerberg exist in the world today? You have to try and try, and maybe you will make it big one day, but maybe you will not! This is why you should enjoy what you do, and never think about the money. You should create your website, and you should do it for free, because you enjoy what you do! This is the idea!

Some of your ideas will make you money, some will not! This is the way it is! There is not a magic formula that will bring you success in all your projects, except one. Work hard, give something of great value to the people, do not expect something in return, and try to become better every day!

I started website content making more than a dozen of years ago, and I have actually made no money just by blogging, but by creating websites that were promoting something like medical products, properties, money making plans, etc. Making money for me through blogging though, is a goal. I am working on it, and I will never stop towards my goals.

When you start today, you will be in a much better position next year, than by just dreaming of starting something new, but never really do it! You see, after this article, I am a much more popular blogger than before, everything you do towards your success, adds a seed towards the harvest time!

Join me in my journey of self-discovering, and create your NEW money making website very soon! Who knows, maybe one day you will thank me for motivating you!

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