Today you will learn how you can start selling cars without even buying them in the first place!

I am sure not many people are doing this, as I am the one to think about it first! Well, I can not guarantee you this, but I do not know any company who is doing exactly this business that you are going to read about it here in this article of bigmoneytube.

You can smash your competitors, as they need cash to buy the cars, but you do not! It is a win win situation as your risk factor is almost zero.

You can hire a person, preferably a lady who has good telephone skills, or you can do the telemarketing work yourself. Ideally, it would be great to work with a friend, so you have a mutual benefit and a good time working together.

What you will actually do is at first rent some space so you can sell the cars. The rental price for such a space varies depending on location and dimensions of the plot, but try to find the cheapest possible, and the one that is near a busy street.

It should be somewhere in the town, as close to the center as possible, and not in distanced villages even rent is more cheap.

After acquiring the space, next thing to do is starting your telemarketing work. It is good if you have a good plan with a telephone company so you can get unlimited phone calls with a fixed price, so you do not have to pay extra for your telephone calls.

Next step is to locate the car owners who want to sell their cars. One good way is from internet specialized pages for selling cars and other items, or your local adverts newspaper.

You will target car owners that do not sell luxury cars, but cheap to medium priced cars. These owners most of the time do not have a place to put their cars, as they have already bought another car.

Here comes the skilled telemarketer work. You, or the telemarketing expert lady that you have hired will call each one of the car owners and tell him/her these: Hello Mr... (it is good if his name is written in the advert to call him with his first name). We are a company specializing in helping you sell your car faster.

In fact you do not have to spend time, do the talking, the negotiations, go through each one of the callers which most of the time are not serious buyer.

You can bring us your car in our dealership, many people come here every day, and as soon as we have a buyer and we negotiate the final price, we will get a small commission of just 15%! For example if we sell your car for 1000 euros, our commission will be only 150 euros. This will save you a lot of time, you will save space in your house as you do not have to keep the car around and probably the space in your house is limited!

You see, the last point is your strongest one! Nobody has a lot of space in his house, and everybody wants to save space! Also, nobody likes negotiating with no serious buyers, and having you offering this will save them from a lot of hassle.

One last thing remaining to convince your clients is that: YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM TRUST YOU! They do not know you, they do not know if you are a serious business person, or you will steal their car! This is why you have to believe in your service and that what you offer is really good for them.

You can ask them to come and visit you, have a coffee and get to know each other. Trust is the key to make the people want to connect with you and eventually make business with you. A gloomy personality, will turn people off. Be aware of this, wear your nicest smile and welcome people in your premises.

Your strongest point is that you can sell as many cars as your space permits, as there are millions of car owners that want to sell their cars faster, and you will fill this demand. Also, you can sometimes operate auctions, and sell the cars even cheaper. This will happen when you have a lot of stock, and when many of the car owners are willing to drop the price a lot.

You can advertise the cars in your local newspapers and internet sites, and ask people to come and several cars and choose what they want.

One secret tip is to ask people to come to you and get to know each other, have a coffee, and they do not necessarily need to buy a car. In this way, when you tell them this, you will make them understand that you do not desparatately need their money, but you want to establish a long lasting friendship and cooperation with them.

If they buy a car from you and they are happy, they will speak about you to their friends, and so on, so in a few months you will have even hundreds of cars in your dealership ready to find a new owner, and giving you a nice commission of 15%.

If you see a bargain car, buy it immediately yourself, so you do not need to get only 15% but you can get much more. To do this you need some capital in hand, and the experience needed to recognize the bargains.

All the best!

Your partner in motivating you to your entrepreneur journey!

Fanos Theo

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