I was very happy with my windows 7 Pro Version from the year of 2012 till late months of 2016. Suddenly, one day I noticed that it was not working properly! I tried system restore and it was just not functioning. I was shocked. For 5 years windows 7 did not let me down. And suddenly my virtual world with windows 7 had been crashed! How could I live without my windows 7?

After trying everything possible, I called my technician to ask him to come and check it out. He is a young man, not more than 27 years old, and a computer genius if you compare him with me.

After some time he arrived in my office/ flat and he started his analysis of what the problem could be. Sad but true, what I was afraid of, indeed happened! I had to format my computer and install a new version of windows, and since windows 10 is available, why should we install a windows 7 operating system, right?

The only problem was that I had so many files, especially video files that I had to keep somewhere else, and we speak here not about 5 or 10 Gibabytes, but we speak for about 150 GB of information that I should store somewhere else.

My options were these: Store in DVD, store in another hard disk, store in virtual clouds, store in an external hard disk drive. After examining all the options, I had excluded option no.1 for the simple reason that DVD's can store only a small size of gigabytes, thus they did not fix for my case.

Hard disks, my second option looked more promising, but while I was trying to store my files in my old hard disk, something happened and within a second all the information that were stored there before were just erased, and also I could not store any new files. Weird but that what happened.

Virtual clouds, my third option was next one. I have a lot of personal videos, and honestly, I do not feel comfortable knowing that a hacker by having an email and a password can see all my personal files! So this option was excluded too.

So, what I did, I bought an external hard drive a Toshiba with 500 GB, and I am really happy with it as it does the job I wanted too. All my personal files stored in a drive that nobody has access too unless he brakes into my house!

I gave my computer tower to the technician, and next day my windows 10 was ready for me to explore.

I do not have a quick connection, only 2 MB per second, so I hated the fact that windows 10 automatically downloads and installs current updates. I let the updates run and installed and then I turned off this feature from services. What you do is very simply typing services in windows search, you find windows update, right click the mouse, click stop and then disable. The thing is that you have to enable this feature every 10 days or so, making sure that you have the latest updates installed.

Windows 10 was running smoothly and I felt comfortable with it, but some things of course were not so perfect. For example I could not run my Corel Draw X3 portable edition, cause it is an old version and it runs with windows 7 and below. So, I had to forget my corel draw X3 and find another solution.

I was happy with windows 10 for about a month or less, and suddenly the nightmare begun! Windows 10 froze, no blue screens, no any message just froze and could not move the mouse or anything else! You can only switch the power off and start again from beginning. I thought that this was something that accidentally happened and will not happen again soon.

How wrong I was! In a matter of an hour or so, sometimes less, my windows 10 would just freeze! You just could not do anything else than switching the power off and start again.

I am not the guy to watch things happen and do nothing about it. I opened my youtube and wrote dozens of times, windows 10 crashed solved, or something similar, wishing to find the solution with the help of other guys who had the same problem. I tried everything that was mentioned there, disabling several features from services, adjusting performance settings, changing virtual ram, etc, etc.

What exists on these videos, I had tried it all. But I did not stop there. I was trying also to solve windows 10 crashes in google search and I had so many things to read there too with more than millions of different results!

To cut a long story short, I had tried everything possible. My computer was crashing more and more often! I could not play my favorite chess game in facebook, I could not watch my forex charts, I could not do nothing as I knew that soon or later windows 10 will crash and give me another frustration!

I was hopeless. I called my technician and told him what had happened and he told me to try those things that I had already tried myself and none of them was really the solution. Surely they helped a bit, but the solution was not into these stuff that you read about or watch in videos.

So, what I did was to reset my pc to it's initial windows settings, which is quite easy to do with windows 10. I did reset my computer but after some time it was just frozen again, my nightmare was still going on! I even told myself that I have to get used to this situation and just power shut down every time, till I find the solution to the problem. My life became really miserable.

Days were passing by and still I could not find the solution to my windows 10 crashing. There was nothing wrong, not a message, just the mouse was becoming idle and thekeyboard as well. Only thing I could do was to cut the electricity off and start again.

During these 2 months period of my windows 10 nightmare, I learned quite many things. You see, everything happens for a reason. For instance all the things that were supposed to find a solution to the problem, did not do the job!

How do I know that?

Simply, because when I found the real root of the problem, I did not have to adjust any settings, and things are working perfectly since then. You see, you will always find hundreds of people trying to help you out, as long as you subscribe to their channel or follow them, etc etc. I do not want to be rude, but in my case, and for all the the things I had tried, NOTHING WORKED FOR ME! Windows 10 was crashing and crashing day in day out!

I had reset my windows 10 twice, I installed windows 7, and still the problem persisted.

So, the problem in fact was not WINDOWS 10! The problem had to do with my hard drive! How could I use another operating system and still have the crashes. That gave me the clue that the problem had to do with my hard drive!

You see, in the past, when my hard drive was broken, it was just broken and it would not load windows. In this case, it was broken but still windows was loading. So, how should I know from the very beginning that problem was the hard drive?

From all the things I have read and tried, one sentence made all the difference and helped me to find out the solution to the problem. If windows is not working properly, then it can not read the information from the hard disk or the memory. In fact I had checked my ram, I changed the position of the 2 sticks and this did not help as well. So I had to buy a new hard drive. If this could not fix the problem then nothing could do!

In fact that what my technician told me as well! If you change the hard drive, and still there is a problem, then you just accept the fact that the problem is in cpu or motherboard, and you will pay a lot of money without knowing if you could be right, so better buy a new pc!

I had two options. Buying an HDD disk drive, which is the old model, and buying an SSD drive, which is more advanced technology. Price of SSD drive is considerably higher, but if you have a hard drive that is 10 times faster, without any noise, and much smaller in size, then surely more money for this is fine.

I went to the shop near my house, yes, just 500 meters from where I live there is a big computer shop, and they sell everything there, from ram to cpu, laptops to computer screens, in fact they sell even things for the kitchen and not only!

I sat in one of the offices there, they have 3 offices and a sales man ready to answer your questions, told him the problem that I had to buy a new hard drive and that I know I have two options, he said to me that I should go for SSD drive the new model. He said that he just bought one for his laptop and booting time is just 7 seconds! Wow!! Really, I asked him? It is different to read reviews from internet and different to hear a person next to you telling you that it really does the job in 7 seconds. Plus, he said that they have one that has 128 GB and price dropped from 65 euros to 52 euros, and was the last one, and If I do not want it, he is ready to buy it himself, so i had a few seconds to make my decision.

Should I pay the same price and get 500 GB of storage with an old fashioned hard drive, or should I take the fast option of 128 GB but have a much faster pc and booting of windows in seconds.

What would you choose yourself?

I bought the SSD drive, and thanks GOD I did!

After coming home, I just put in in my pc, and I never looked back again!

My windows 10 nightmare was over!! In fact there is nothing wrong with windows 10, what was wrong was my obsession that was something wrong with it! It took me well about 2 months to find out what the problem was, but that was indeed a very good lesson, here is why:

Sometimes we try to find the solution to a problem that is not really the problem; we try to find all the solutions related to that specific problem, only to find out later that what we thought it was the problem, it was actually not, and the solution came as a result of a different problem solved!

Think about it!

Now my windows 10 is running smoothly more than 5 weeks now, only thing is that my SSD storage is not that big, but I have an external drive that contains all my personal files in place!

Thank you for reading till here!

All the best!

Your partner in motivating you to your entrepreneur journey!

Fanos Theo

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