I have a Proton Gen-2, 1300cc engine. Although I am quite happy with this car, I am not happy with the spare parts cost.

Recently I had to replace the outer door handle, as I could not open my door, and the glue could not do the job anymore.

I went to a car electrician and asked him to come out of his shop and see the job that was supposed to do, I asked him if he could fix that handle without having to buy a new one, and give me his price. Before coming out, he was sitting on his chair, and in a way I felt that I was disturbing him from his relaxation session, a little chubby guy of about 50 years of age.

He saw it and said that he can't fix it, and I should not only buy the outer handle but also the mechanism inside, and he will charge me 40 euros for the job. My instinct told me that this guy was telling rubbish, his price was too high, and my next trip should be to the dealer as I left with no choice. Dealership was just next to that electrician, well, about 700 meters away. I went there but the appropriate person was not there so I had to wait for a phone call which I have never received!

Next day, I called myself the dealer, asked to speak with the appropriate person, and asked the price of the door handle. The price was quite high in my opinion, 45 euros just for a small plastic device that should cost not more than 10 euros. I went back there again, told the guy that price is quite high and his answer was like, "This is our price..! Take it or leave it!" Well, he did not say that exactly but this is what he meant, he knew I had no choice!

I bought it, as I did not have any other choice, but was not happy about it. Cause you do not pay only for this handle, you must pay the technician to place it as well. It is not something easy to do, just to open the door and put this thing in place unless you are a technician.

I had to find a good technician then. When I have any problem regarding the electrics of my car, I go to an electrician that does a very good job and his pricing is quite logical. He has some stuff, a couple of young guys working for him, his age is about 65, he looks a honest and a hard working person, which is a nice combination.

The only problem is that you have to wait, as he has a line of cars every time before you. So, I asked him when he could place this handle, plus to check the windows mechanism of the other door as well, fix it if he can without replacing it, and fix the outer door interior as the door should not open easily. So in fact I asked him to do 3 jobs at once. Place the handle for the right door, check the windows mechanism of the left door, plus fixing the outer door interior of left door so it could open easily.

Did not ask him about the price, cause I know this guy pricing is very logical, and did not want to ask him to place a higher price, as while working he could change his mind and ask me for a lower price.

My appointment was due next day early thing in the morning, so I had the chance to leave my car to the electrician and come home by walking side by side near the sea, as my flat is not far from the sea and the distance between the electrician and my place is more or less 4 kilometers.

After enjoying my morning walk, hours passed and did not hear anything from him, as he said he will give me a call when the car is ready. I called him myself and he said is ready come to take it. A friend dropped me there, and I asked him what he did, he replied that he could not fix the windows mechanism as it is broken and needs replacement(another visit to the dealer, but not this time), so he fixed that left door that could not open easily, plus he placed the handle on the right door. He asked only 30 euros, for his work on both doors, less than what the first guy asked me (40 euros) just for placing the handle! You see, when you go around and see not only one technician, you end up with the most appropriate for the job.

Ah, and last thing, as I had the name and serial code of this door handle, just I typed on google, found a spare parts dealer in Malaysia (yes proton is made in Malaysia) and price there was guess how much? Only 6 euros, about 8 times less than it costs in Cyprus!


Since my windows 7 had problems and had to replace it with windows 10, I had to have a place to store my files. I bought a TOSHIBA external drive with 500 GB of storage potential. Wow, nice and tiny, it did a very good job. I paid only 49 euros for it, and I think the price is logical if we exclude the fact that my technician told me that he is selling 1 terrabyte of storage for just 52 euros, but a different brand. So, if I paid 3 euros more I could have 500 GB more, but you see, I do not really need that much, and you must also consider the brand.


I love riding my bicycle all the way from where I live to the park, which is about 6 kilometers far. There is a road just for bicycles and it is exactly next to the sea! But you see, life is all about progressing and changes, so I had to try myself in a new sport!

Inline roller blades!

The idea of traveling around with roller shoes, going faster, making maneuvers, people watching you with admiration was long time in my mind. So it came that day that I bought a pair of inline roller blades, means that there is a straight line only in the middle of the shoe and not two wheels in front and two behind like roller skates. They go faster and you can use them in awkward surfaces, contrary to roller skates that you should use only indoors on a special shiny surface.

I paid 85 euros for them, the price was quite higher than my expectation, but that's the price of a good pair of inline skates.

This guy is not me, just it is the one of the most beautiful videos showing someone roller blading and just I wanted to share with you.

The first time I tried myself, I fell down once and had to put my right palm down to protect myself from falling. Second time i tried after about a week, I fell down twice with the right hand, and the second time it was quite hard, so my wrist came out, and i was not able to even hold a glass of water these days!

My mistake was that I did not use wrist protection! In fact I was told by the shop assistant lady to buy a complete set of wrist, knee and elbow protection, but I thought I just did not need them!

I was wrong! Today almost one and a half month from the day I fell down, I am not fully recovered! Surely, after my accident I bought protection, but it was quite late as I have already a right wrist sprain. In fact, after I used protection in my wrists, I fell down again, it was the fourth time, and the protection did not let my wrist to sprain, so it did a good job!

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Fanos Theo

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