One reason I love internet is because you can have access to so much information for free!

There are many ways to learn something new, let's go through the most popular ones.


We all start school when we are about 5 years old, and it usually takes 12 years to finish high school. Surely, kids learn a lot there, but how many of the things we learn are indeed really useful?


The things that you can easily adopt are those you learn from your very own parents. Imagine that your father is a successful musician, lawyer or a sports man. He will definitely guide you on his craft, but it is not a sure thing that you will want to follow his career path yourself.


Education starts to get serious here. The pros are that you can get a degree that can help you get a good job.

The cons are that it takes a lot of your time, tuition fees usually get bigger every year, and it weakens your creative power.

I will go in more depth on the last one, your creative power. All great achievers are using their creative power to be unique and develop a new idea into reality. Sitting in a class with many students around will finally get you a degree, but definitely will lower your creative power for the simple reason that college just require from you to learn things but not to really create new things.

Having the security of a higher education, students will usually want to secure a steady job upon graduation than creating their own business. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as this is what you want to do in life.


I love reading books, not just fiction books but books that show you how to do something. Since you can get hundreds of free ebooks from internet, I consider this one as one of the blessings that internet can offer to people.

You can learn anything your soul desires from books, from computer science to rocket science, from building your own porcelain doll to learning about astronomy!


Here we are! Most of the people want to be able to have an income working from home, from internet. It could not be easier than learning from the people who are already earning thousands per month from their own websites!

If these guys managed to bring their blog in such a high traffic ranking place, they definitely are doing something right at least! Learn from these guys for free!

But you see there is a state of the art way of learning from them!

Each website or blog is good at teaching you something specific, and this is what you should concentrate upon.

First, you should want to become a better writer, and I can't recommend a better website from writetodone! If you are starting out start there. It will guide you and motivate about the craft of writing.

For example I read Pat Flynn's smartpassiveincome when I want to get motivated about the income potential of a website can get.

Pat Flynn is describing in every detail how he is generating his income, and he has different tutorials including a podcast that you can ask him any question and get an answer, plus listening to different answers he has given already. This information worth thousands of dollars alone!

I read Michael's Dunlop incomediary.com when I want to learn solid advices from 1, 2, 3 on how to do things or advices from super achievers. Great content really!

I read Darren Rowse 's problogger.net when I want to find ways to make my website better and more efficient.

I read Ramsay 's blogtyrant.com when I want to see a simple site with relaxing images telling me how it is possible to find success with blogging.

I read Jeff bullas, jeffbullas.com to learn techniques to increase my traffic mainly with social media, etc.

I read addicted2success when I want a quick motivation boost up! In fact the more often you read about success and successful people, the closer you get and more chances you have to get there yourself!

You see, there is so much information available from other bloggers and you can use this for your own benefit.

I have just mentioned a few successful bloggers here, but surely there are hundreds of others that it would take an article of more than 10,000 words to cover just a part of them, as internet is so huge!

You see, one website can't really give you all you need. You browse the internet, and you stick up with the bloggers or people that you feel that the information they provide can lift you up, and you regularly visit their website for their updates. In fact it is not that different from real world.

You visit different restaurants to eat good food, and you then stick to the ones that you really enjoy the food, you like the stuff, and you just have a good time. Why then should you not visit again and again?


This is the most relaxing and in my opinion easier way to learn. I enjoy learning computer programming from youtube videos, I enjoy listening about mind power and self-improvement, and so on.

When I come across a course that I enjoy viewing, I subscribe, and then I will watch all the courses from the specific publisher. One thing to notice is that these people are offering their tutorials for free, at least the introductory courses, and that means that they enjoy passing their knowledge and this is very important.

For example let's assume that you want to learn PHP object oriented programming language. You will type PHP TUTORIALS on youtube search area, and you will get in fact hundreds of different tutorials. You stick to the tutorials that have at least 5 - 6 progressive videos.

Maybe you will like the tone of voice of the teacher, but maybe not. So, it is important to find out which of these teachers are able to pass their knowledge to you, through their examples and energy. Not all tutorials will do! If one teacher is able to teach you PHP then he will also be able to teach you another programming language. This is the trick!

You will not use only videos to learn a computer programming language; you can study anything you want. Even you can learn techniques to fight against depression, treat social anxiety and panic attacks, and live a better life.

One of the life coaches that dropped my interest is Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst, and Sebastiaan van der Schrier which he teaches exclusively about treating social anxiety. There are dozens of others, and all you need is time to search for the appropriate videos that you are interested in.

Teal Swan has a special energy, and convincing voice, you do not see often. She covers many topics like how to cure apathy, how to deal with anger, etc. She is a special case of a person, as she has been abused for many years herself.

Another thing I enjoy experiencing from youtube videos is motivation! I love watching great achievers, like Warren Buffet, Ellon Musk, George Soros, etc. interviews, speeches, or documentaries.

Lately, I have watched a documentary about Ellon Musk from rags to riches story, and surely this was very empowering.

There are so many things available for you to learn FOR FREE, and so many sources available.

Make a priority list and go ahead!

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