Darwin said it hundreds of years ago "A man who dares to waste an hour one of time had not yet discovered the value of life." You want big money, and you want it now! What have you done to get it? Do you still do the things that will not add any value to your life? Do you still dream about getting rich, yet in the day time you are struggling living a modest life? How to bring your dreams into reality? What is the trick? We all have these questions and much more in our heads, but the answer is much simpler than you think.

To make something important in your life, you must devote your time, your energy. Instead of dreaming and wondering how, just do the things that will reach you towards your goal. You see, it is different to dream, and different to execute. Do you really want something badly? Then, put all your efforts, all your energy, and all your time to accomplish it, period. There is no hocus-pocus in achieving your goal, if you want it badly, do all the things necessary to get you there.

Where do you start?


Do you spend a lot of time watching movies? Yes, everybody likes watching a nice movie, but what is the value that you add in your life watching 5 - 10 movies per week? A movie lasts at least 90 minutes so watching 10 movies per week; we have 900 minutes which adds no value to your life. How about watching 1-2 movies per week, and use the other 700 minutes to do the things that will take you closer to your goals.


You have 300 friends in facebook. Many people have much more, some have even thousands It is nice to chat with friends and spend time with them, but at last people should define in their heads in what world they want to live, in a real or a virtual world? If all these friends are indeed 'good friends', why don't you just take the phone and call them if you want to tell them something? I bet you do not even know the telephone number of most of them!

Most of the people add friends in facebook for showing off to their closer friends that they are popular and have many friends, but all these facebook friends are not real friends. Also, someone can't really manage to handle more than a few dozens of friends, as it is impossible to devote your time and energy to make happy all of them. You got it right. It is just a waste of time, unless you try to promote something in facebook like a brand, products, your company's name, etc. This is a totally different thing, this is called business. Facebook was created to connect people, and you should use it with care to connect with people that you know, but not to waste your precious time.


We all like playing computer games, especially kids. It is a way for people to forget their problems and have a good time. The problem starts when you become maniac for some specific games, and you seem to spend hours and hours playing that game. Don't you feel that you lose precious time? What if you play for less time, and use the rest of the time to be creative yourself, and work to get closer to your goals.

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Yes I know you need the money, but you hate every minute in that job. How long can you live with it? People are supposed to be more productive when they enjoy what they do. How can you be productive if you hate every minute? Maybe it is time to get some time off work, and plan for your next job that you will enjoy? If you don't do it for yourself, who is going to do it for you?


Life is not perfect and relations are difficult. But if you seem to do nothing else than arguing and spending a lot of time with that, probably it is time to do something about it. Imagine the precious time you will save, if you were just in a peaceful stage of mind, and you did not have to argue all the time. After all, how can you be productive and be in a creative state of mind if you argue?


Many people have spent 2 - 3 or more years studying a subject in college or university, only to find out later that this is not what they really want to do in life. Make sure that the subject that you study is really interesting to you, and this is what you want to do in the future. If not, then the sooner you stop spending time with your studies the better, so you can follow your dream, and focus on the things that you really want to master and work with.


People love to communicate, and this is very healthy as it builds up human relations. Now due to technology advancements, people can call each other from via internet for free which is good. The problem starts when you seem to spend so many hours and you leave behind precious tasks! What you can say in one hour or two hours, that you can't tell in 10 minutes?

Absolutely nothing!

Yes you want to hear your special someone that she is hundreds of miles away from you, and this is good. The fact is that she is far, and even you talk to her for 4 hours non-stop, she is still far! If you really want to make something big, that will add value in your life, and make yourself and your spouse or family proud, then you have to spend less time talking, and more time doing! Fair enough, isn't it?


There is a wise saying that quotes: "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence."

This is why you see many stupid people holding key positions in different jobs, not because of their great mental power, but because they had the connections and ways to rise there. Smart people in the contrary, think 100 times before they do something, or take a decision, and most of them in fact cancel their decision for later, in other words they procrastinate. The reason is that they are full of doubts, they do not believe in themselves, they have great fears, they do not really want to argue with anybody, and they are ready to step back from the first difficulties.

But this is not the way of a winner. Winners should not waste time. It is better to do something and fail, do something else and fail again and again, than do nothing because you have doubts! Your life will start to change greatly to the positive, if you regret for the things that you have done and failed, than the things you have never done because of your fears and doubts!

This is just a small list of the things that steal the time of millions of people daily. Maybe you do things that take a lot of your time and are not mentioned in this list. Make your own list of the things that take your time, how many hours per week for each specific action, and try to replace these hours by doing the things that will take you closer to your goals. If you can't really stop doing specific actions that steal your time, at least try to lessen them, and gradually over time, you will save a lot of time for yourself.

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