There are more than 7 billion people on planet earth today. There are three main races that divide people, the Caucasians, Mongolians, and Negroids. All the other races are a mixture of these three main races. But you see, all people look similar, have the same needs, speak a language, and we all need and want money! In fact, according to the Christian religion, we all come from just two people, Adam and Eve.

Basically we are all the same, but we can generalize people in two main groups, or better two kinds of people. The people who have specific goals to accomplish, who live on purpose, and the people who do not!

Imagine that there is a magic genie out there, which is able to grant all your wishes. The only requirement is that you believe in its existence, and you then can order it to do anything for you. In a different case, you will not even order the magic genie, and subsequently, you will not get any results. You see, everything is in your mind, success or failure, or better, success or NOT SUCCESS!

But the question is, "Is that magic genie true? And if it is true why I did not accomplish my previous wishes yet? Why did the genie have not granted my previous wishes already which I have set years ago?" There is a reason for this!

Let's assume that you want to be able to perform 150 push ups in a row. It is not that difficult, but not many people can do it. You will not be able to perform the push ups from the first time! In the first day you will do maybe 10-15. Next time you will do more, and as the time goes by, you will be able to do more and more push ups.

The same applies to your goals. You will not be able to accomplish your goal overnight. It takes continual effort, passion, and hard work to get there. This is the point where most of the people fail. They believe that as long as they have a dream, an idea in their mind, it should be granted immediately without hard work. The magic genie can fulfil your dreams yes, but you have to follow the rules.


You have to concentrate in fulfilling one goal and not many goals at the same time. Although, it is possible to fulfil many goals at the same time, you will spread your energy for different purposes, and it will get more difficult to fulfil all your goals at once.

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Let's assume that you are overweight, and you weigh 250 pounds. You dream that you are only 150 pounds, and you see yourself in your mind's eye as a slim and fit individual. But after 30 days with that visualization, you are still the same 250 pounds. Do you really think that you should lose weight just by dreaming, really?

What do you think you should do now? Continue dreaming that you are 150 pounds and do nothing about it, or better imagine yourself that you go to the gym every day for about 90 minutes, you eat only healthy food, and you see yourself instead of 150 pounds that you are now, only 220 pounds. Yes, you guessed it right; you have to go to that gym in real life, not only in your mind!

Which goal do you think is more logical and easier to accomplish?

You must work for make your goal come true. Yes, the magic genie exists only in fiction books; in reality you should make the effort yourself also. The harder your work, the closer you will get towards your goal.


You should get feedback of your progress; count on what works and what is not, and be able to update your goals. You should focus only to the things that work, and get you closer to your goal.

Let's assume that your goal is to make the next facebook, a website that people will use every day to connect with their friends, plus meeting new people that do not really know. In other words add extra features which facebook do not offer.

You have a capital of $20,000 to start with, and you try hiring personnel, computer geeks that will code your website.

In my opinion you are wasting your time and money as you need to update your goal! Why instead of hiring personnel to code your website, do not have a goal of learning how to code yourself? This will make things much easier and less expensive for you! Do you think that Mark Zuckzeberg, would have created facebook if he did not know how to code himself? Make a goal to learn coding yourself at first! It is a more logical goal to accomplish than trying to compete with facebook!


You will go not that far if you are not patient. Follow your plan, make solid goals easy to achieve, but in the back of your head, you should always be willing to wait and be patient if something goes wrong. It would be nice if all of us could achieve anything in no time! Life would be full of happy people working towards their next goals.

Bad news is that it is not working like this. Some may work hard and try for years before they accomplish their goals. Other people can fulfil their goals easier. Many people do not even have any goals, so you have gone far ahead yourself, if you have set goals already. Depending on your will power, your desire, and how logical and reachable goals you have, be sure that there is a span time between the day you have set your goal, and the fulfilment day.


Finally, the most important rule that you have to follow if you want to fulfil your goals.

You should never stop working towards your goal!

The same day that you stop working towards your goal, you should forget about making it real! Remember, nothing will happen without effort. You want it, go out and get it! This is the only way.

Learn to live on purpose. Have crystal clear logical goals, work on them, update them, and soon your goals will become true!

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