You have spent weeks, even months planning of making a great website or blog. You have put so much energy on this, and now after all this effort and time, you are finally done!

But the thing is that no one is really visiting your website!

You are not alone out there! Unless you are a famous person, or you have the chance to advertise your website in popular portals that are seen by millions, then you face the same problem like dozens of thousands of other people!

Many people think that as soon as they will build their website or publish a blog, thousands of people will go and read their website's content.

But the question is: "Why should they do that?"

There are hundreds of millions websites out there? Yes you read it correctly, hundreds of millions different websites and all you have to do is to type the name of a website so you can view it.

How is it possible for all the millions of websites to belong in the number of websites that people regularly visit? The majority of people will visit again and again only a small portion of the millions of websites available.

Let's say that from all these millions of websites available, only a few thousands get many visitors per day, having GOOGLE as the top website right now, followed by FACEBOOK.

The websites that attract millions of visitors per day in fact are only a few, so what makes you wonder why your website hardly gets any visitors?

In fact, it would be a surprise if you have just created a website, and you had immediately hundreds or even thousands of visitors from the first days or even weeks and months.

So, what do you do next? How can you make money online as famous bloggers do?

Making money from a website is difficult, do not believe that it is something easy that you can do overnight. In order to be able to make money online, first thing you have to get thousands of daily visitors. To get this big number, you have to offer to your visitors the right content, so they will want to come back again for more.

If you manage to make your visitors come back for more, then you will keep growing the number of your visitors, as they will come back again and again, and also new visitors will come every day, thus your website will get more and more visitors, and you will establish an 'audience '.

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If your website is so common and it can't really get the attention of people, then forget about having thousands of visitors per day. So, your task should be not to get thousands of visitors per day, but how to create a good content, that you will update often, and get people to read what you write about! This is what you should focus on!

Is your website static or dynamic? What is the difference?

A static website is created with html and CSS, wordpress, or a related software, and the content is not changing unless you update it yourself. It serves the reader by supplying him with information mainly.

A dynamic website though is changing according to user interaction with it, for example a dynamic website can offer the viewer a dating profile setup, an email account that stores messages, etc., which is much more difficult and complicated to build than a static one.

You can easily build a static one yourself if you have the knowledge, but building a dynamic one will take much more effort and time, and you would need the help of a professional programmer.

If you look at the top websites of the web, are all dynamic websites. If you want to offer information to your readers, a static one will do the job, and this is the kind of websites that even famous bloggers use, so do not get disappointed by the fact that your website is just a static one!

Now that we have cleared the two main types of websites, let me use an analogy from the film industry that will make you happy!

I guess you know what box office is, in film industry. A film production company pays for the film production, gives money first to the director, actors, crew, etc., they spend even millions with the hope that they will make a profit when audience is paying to see that film in theatres.

I am sure that you know that success is never guaranteed; it can also be a failure in box office returns.

Some examples of such failures are the films 'Mars Needs Moms' (2011) lost $136 Million, 'Sahara' (2005) lost $119.9 Million, 'The Adventures of Pluto Nash' (2002) lost $113 Million!

Now you have a clearer idea in your head, why millions of people want to make a website and earn money from it! You do not have to pay any amount of money to director, actors, crew, distribution, etc.!

Creating a website at least in the start, is a one person operation, and you have all the control of how things will flow.

It will cost you even less than $100 or more if it is made by a professional website designer. But you see, your risk is almost zero and your profit potential is huge.

What if you were the man behind a film production company that had spent millions to produce a film that have never really attracted the audience?

In our case, if your website attracts not many visitors, you just have to update your content, find another topic to write about, change the design, etc., things that will cost you almost nothing! You will always have a second chance and not only!

Learn from the people who have made it already! You can't copy success, you just read and learn from successful bloggers, and you filter in your mind how to make your website better. You fill a need, you produce good content, you offer solutions, and then people will want to visit your website regularly, and will also tell their friends to do the same!

It will take you some time to find your niche, and bottom line, if nobody visits your website or blog, do things normally as you would if you had thousands of visitors per day. Do not give up! Update your content, keep learning from the masters every day and make your content better.

Always remember that you can't copy the success of someone else, you just filter the new knowledge in your head, and you produce a better website for yourself.

Things can only get better for you if you just never give up!

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