You want to succeed and you have this burning desire inside you for a very long time. You want to show the world who you really are, and what you can offer to the people, making this world a better place.

In fact, people who are extremely successful change people's lives to the positive, and millions of people would never imagine their lives without the things they do, because of some creative people's ideas.

Because of Mark Zuckzeberg, facebook's creator, hundreds of millions of people would never imagine themselves living without facebook, chatting with their friends, sharing their photos, posts, etc.

Thanks to Bill Gates, billions of people around the world are enjoying working with computers, and do all the things we do today, things that about 3 decades ago, nobody would imagine possible.

Thanks to the creators of skype and Viber, people today can call each other for free, without paying a dime for overseas high telephone bills, like in the past.

Imagine that you are Steve Jobs, and thanks to your creation IPHONE, millions of people can enjoy the things that this smart creation is offering to the world.

Imagine that you are the inventor of Ford's automobile, the person that has invented this car, and millions of people are driving every day. How nice would you feel when you see everywhere around you Ford cars, your own creation used by millions every day?

Imagine that you are the creator of Mc Donalds fast food chain restaurants, with thousands of the same brand name around the world. How would you feel knowing that millions of people are using daily your 'project' to feed themselves?

Thanks to great medical laboratory scientists and their inventions, people today can be cured from a variety of different diseases that were killing them in the past.

The more positive change to people's lives your project has, the more success, and more acceptance as a human being you can enjoy.

You see, in order to make it big, you have to focus on your project, and have a genuine feeling not of becoming a billionaire, but about filling a huge demand, something that right now is missing. If your target is to make a project so you will fill your bank accounts with billions, then I am afraid to say that you are a sad person.

Unfortunately, because of the structure of our society, all people since a young age dream of having tons of money, and most of us will do anything to get there. This is in fact really sad.

I will explain what I mean with a fiction story. Notice that this is just a fiction story and people who participate can still be alive today.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mc Donalds pioneer Ray Croc, rockets and weapons' manufacturer, and one of the biggest cigarettes manufacturer are all dead, and they meet in next life, or better spoken, next level of existence.

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Bill Gates starts the conversation by saying "I think I have made good things during the time I was on earth. I have created the first operating system the famous Windows, and billions of people are using it every day, in a few words, I have advanced the quality of life of the people thanks to my creation.

Steve Jobs added to the conversation by saying "I have created Mac computers, ipad, ipod, iphone, and the list is so big to mention! I am proud of myself and the things I have done during my life on earth, and people still mention my name every day.

Ray Kroc joins the conversation and says "I have joined mcdonalds and thanks to me, mcdonalds became the biggest fast food chain restaurants in the world. I am proud of myself and thanks to me, millions of people are enjoying the nice taste of mcdonalds every day.

The biggest cigarettes manufacturer is adding to the group: "Thanks to me, millions of people are enjoying their cigarettes, feel good, and forget all the problems!"

"Yes, you are right," Bill Gates commented, "but you forgot to mention that cigarettes can also make you sick and cause people lung cancers, heart attacks, and other health related problems, isn't it?"

Biggest cigarettes manufacturer of the world got annoyed and replied, "Not necessarily, there are people who smoke and live many years, even after 90. I did not push anyone to smoke my cigarettes, people have free will to choose to smoke or not. In fact it is not only me that I was producing cigarettes, there are many others, just it happens that I was the biggest one."

Steve Jobs then says, "don' try to play the innocent here. You know and I know that hundreds of thousands of people are dying every year because of cigarettes and tobacco use. If guys like you did do not exist, then people would be happier and healthier, period. Now that you are already dead, I want to ask you, what do you have to say to the millions of people that have lost their loved ones, do you feel any regret or would you do the same if you had another chance? Yes, you have earned millions of dollars on earth, yes you had success as a cigarettes tycoon, but now you have to face your consciousness.. so I ask you.. "What do you have to say to these millions of people that because of you they have lost their loved ones? Are you proud of your actions on earth? "

Biggest cigarettes manufacturer can't stop his tear.. and starts yelling..., "Noo! I would never do that again for all the money of the world. I have caused so much pain and tears. I know, I deserve to be punished. Money is not useful here on next level. Only your actions on earth count."

Rockets and weapons manufacturer silently he was listening all the conversation from the beginning. He said that he knows what everyone thinks about him, and he feels sad about it. But thanks to his weapons production, the country can defend itself from the enemies.

Ray Croc, asked him if the weapons are killing only the real enemies, or many times they kill innocent civilians amongst them many children. Weapons manufacturer replied by saying, "yes it is possible mistakes may happen and innocent people and children can die because of war conflicts."

Ray Croc asked him if he feels proud that his weapons have caused thousands of deaths, including innocent people and children. Weapon manufacturer thinks for a while, and replies.."No, I am not proud of it." Ray Croc asked him, "so why did you produce such weapons, what for?" Manufacturer answered.. ", because of money and power of course. "

Ray Croc replies, "Congratulations! You are a great human being. You were living a big life when you were on earth. But now you are dead carrying with you just your memories but not your millions. Really, I would like to know how would you feel if your wife and 3 kids would have lost their lives because of such a rocket that you were producing?

Weapon manufacturer just can't hold his tears and starts crying and yelling so loudly. "Noo, NEVER, NEVER! Now I understand that I should do on earth only the things that promote peace and well-being, not death! I know I deserve to get punished for causing so much pain on earth."

I hope you got the meaning! We should work on projects that will make us better human beings, and feel proud of ourselves! First think if your creation is serving the world to a positive way, and if it will make you feel proud of yourself.

Yes, we need money, most of us dream of BIG MONEY every day, but what remains after we will not be here on earth are the memories, and the feeling we got from our own actions.

You must do only the things that will make us feel proud of ourselves, so people can feel proud of us as well. Forget about getting money by harming people, or causing negative feelings. It is not worth it. You have to live with your consciousness for the rest of your life, and beyond, so think well before you plan your next project.

You see, the point is not only to become extremely wealthy, but the source of your wealth. Would you really feel good knowing that your millions are a result of causing pain and negative feelings to the world? What? You don't really care as long as you have acquired big wealth?

Do not forget, soon or later we will not be here on earth, and we will just live by the feeling of what our actions have caused to the rest of the people on earth!

As a wise quote says: "There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life, happiness, freedom, and peace of mind, and are always attained by giving them to someone else."

Your next big project should reflect the above feelings to the people who use it! Then you contribute to a better world and you will be rewarded, or just the opposite!

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